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What is available within the Recovery Network

There are a range of different groups and sessions available within the recovery network, some are provided by qualified and experienced staff, either from Oasis or another agency or the sessions may be peer/volunteer led.

The recovery network group work programme enables service users to share and learn from each other’s experiences, benefitting from the support of a group and feeling motivated by the gains of different members.

An increase in confidence and improvement in self-esteem have been reported by service users accessing our programme. Service users also said they would recommend the group participation to their friends.

Below is a short summary of the groups and sessions available at Oasis. For further information please discuss options with a member of staff.

Recovery Group

This group is a 12 week rolling programme covering a wide range of general issues around substance misuse and addiction. Recovery focussed topics are included such as: cravings, triggers, dealing with change and relapse prevention.

Post Detox Group

An 8 week rolling programme aimed at supporting those people who have recently completed a detox from any substance. Participants must be motivated to maintain their abstinent state.

Peer support.

This is an open ended group aimed at offering additional support in a safe environment, for service users to share their experiences and potential barriers within their recovery. Peer support occurs when people provide emotional and practical help to each other. Peer support is where people meet as equals to give each other support on a reciprocal basis. ‘Peer’ in this case is taken to imply that each person has no more expertise as a supporter than the other and the relationship is one of equality.

Risk Reduction Group- RRG

This 12 week rolling programme will look at reducing your own risk behaviour and actions, for example reducing offending behaviour if you are shop lifting to feed yourself or to buy drugs.

The course covers a range of topics such as behaviours, values, peer pressure and self -esteem and confidence. On completion of the programme you will have improved the skills you have in place to reduce your own personal risk.

Client Focussed support group

This group users the techniques of client focussed therapy and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). It is designed to support clients at various stages of their recovery from substance misuse. It is a semi-structured group based on the presenting needs of the participants.

Therapy Group

A very specific therapeutic group facilitated by qualified counsellors. This group will explore deeper underlying issues in a safe and supportive environment. This group is suitable for service users who enjoy group work and are stable with healthy coping skills.

Relapse prevention

Support groups focusing on equipping participants with skills and knowledge to maintain change and manage relapse if it occurs. The sessions focus on previous experience of relapse and the identification of cravings and triggers. Particular attention is paid to participants developing coping strategies and problem solving techniques for use within their own recovery.

Arts and Craft

The Oasis art and craft sessions use the power of the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self -expression and personal growth. The group is relaxed and you can work at your own pace. This group is fun, it supports social interaction helping to build confidence and self –esteem by working with people in similar circumstances to yourself.

Recovery skills

These sessions focus on a whole range of topics that are essential to your recovery but not specific to substance use. They include employment, training and education support, housing advice and support, healthy eating, budgeting, time management and things like ‘what to do locally, cheaply’.

The recovery skills session run on the same day as the service users plus sessions. The recovery Café which operates on the same day, will be able to offer lunches, snacks and drinks so that you can come to Oasis and get several things met at the same time, in a nice a friendly atmosphere.

Recovery skills workshop focuses on a set topic each week, allowing some structure to the day.

Womens Group

This is an unstructured group focusing on the specific issues faced by women in recovery. A range of topics are covered with activities and relaxation techniques included as a core part of the programme.

Service User Plus

It is important for Oasis to engage with service users about the services we provide for them, to gain feedback about what works well and what could be improved. Service users have a voice and together can impact the decisions that are made about service delivery, improvement and development. A service user group can develop services and act as a support mechanism for each other, which is extremely useful when someone is new to treatment and may need peer support or encouragement. This group provides a safe environment for people to share their experiences and possible barriers to their recovery.

These sessions provide an opportunity for service users to invite management and staff in and talk about things that affect them. At Oasis we have facilitated the service users plus group on a Friday, so that people can access other recovery skills sessions at the same time, including the Recovery Café.

Service users have influenced the design of the interior of our premises, helped promote services, participated in youtube videos, supported fundraising events, supported service design in relation to our structured day programme and group provision, helped design leaflets, participated in tender presentations, meet visitors such as local MP’s, attend management meetings and monitoring meetings with our commissioners.

Auricular Acupuncture

An open ended unstructured opportunity to access a complementary therapy developed specifically to help with cravings and relaxation. These sessions tend to be held prior to other planned groups so that you can access more than one thing in a visit.

Computer skills

We work with local IT training providers to offer different courses aimed at improving your IT skills from entry level to advanced levels. Computers are available for use in relation to job hunting ect.

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