Oasis Republic Recovery Network

Self help/mutual aid support provided within Oasis:

SMART Recovery group.

SMART recovery help people recover from addictive behaviour and lead meaningful and satisfying lives. Their approach is secular and science based; using motivational, behavioural and cognitive methods. They run a network of self-help meetings with an established group running in at Unity House – Aylesbury.

Alcoholics Anonymous – AA

Oasis works closely with AA. Our service helps people get sober whilst AA can help people stay sober. Anyone can access an AA group, please see downloads for further information. AA hold regular taster sessions within the recovery network, aimed at anyone who is or should be considering AA as a support mechanism. These sessions help people understand what AA is about and how member support each other, aiming to reduce any concerns people may have. These taster sessions have helped break down barriers and supported people to access AA. Attending a taster session does not commit you to anything. An AA representative can support you to attend your first AA session if necessary, and we have found that this initial introduction can really help.

Narcotics anonymous - NA

Similar to AA, but for people who have used drugs. Oasis can support you to access this group and make introductions to members as required.

Gamblers Anonymous – GA

Similar to AA and NA, but for people who are experiencing problems with gambling. Oasis can support you to access this group and make introductions to members as required.

Together making a difference. Aiming to be the best not the biggest. To lead change and not just follow.

The OASIS Partnership
George Street
High Wycombe
HP11 2RZ

Tel 01494-898480
email info@oasispartnership.org

The OASIS Partnership
Unity House
98 Walton Street
HP21 7QP

Tel 01296-338008
email info@oasispartnership.org

The OASIS Partnership
1-4 Lewins Yard
East Street

Tel 01865-455601
email info@oasispartnership.org

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