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Housing Support

Having a safe and secure place to live is an important part of your recovery. Part of the assessment process asks you about your housing status, this is so that we cannot support you to address any housing needs you may have. You will be in charge of what information is shared with housing providers.

We will support you to find accommodation, to make applications or can support you if you are having difficulties with your landlord. Part of the care planning process may be to involve your housing provider as they could also support you in your recovery. This is particularly useful at the start of your treatment, by working together improved outcomes can be achieved.

Our partners Smart operate the local housing floating support service and have a dedicated housing officer that can also help, we can refer you to them for additional support if required.

There is a great deal of demand for social housing and current/former drug and alcohol users are competing with other people for accommodation. Substance mis-users are sometimes perceived to be a source of management difficulties, which is why it is important for you to address any behaviours that may be putting your accommodation at risk and get support if you need it.

Your local council website will have up to date housing information or you may like to use the Housing information toolkit, which has contact information and website addresses for all accommodation providers across Buckinghamshire and nearby surrounding areas. We can support you to contact these agencies directly and discuss with them referral procedures and accommodation availability. Being in treatment, addressing your substance use is a positive step within your recovery and this should support any housing issues you have.

You can get housing support from your key worker although specific housing clinics and peer support will be available within the Oasis Republic Recovery Network.

Our aim is to support the local Service User + forum to promote housing support/ accommodation vacancies through the use of social media such as facebook and twitter.

Service users statement:

“When I first started going to Oasis I was homeless, living on the streets and using a lot of crack and alcohol. I had no relationship with my kids and thought that my life was over, I was lost. But slowly things did start to look up for me. I was supported to access accommodation at the old tea warehouse. It was only by getting this room that I started to reduce my alcohol use, because I had something to lose. Through the next 12 months I attended the Oasis drop in a few times a week, and was referred for key working, it was not easy but Sherrie really helped me a lot, and I had stopped using crack and was only drinking a few cans of lager a day. Sherrie supported me to apply for and gain my own flat. This I think was the main turning point for me, having something of my own was important it also meant that I was able to start seeing my kids again, which is enough to keep me off drugs. The next step for me is to get a job, I know that will be difficult but two years ago I would never have seen myself in my own flat, so who knows what the future will bring”


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