Meet Othelia Bitt-Trippyf

Say hi to 19 year old Othelia Bitt-Trippy. Just back from a gap year that was like "soooo amazing" and soon to be off to Uni. Othelia first tried Acid on a beach in Thailand, introduced to it by Larrs a Swedish guy who's "like so cool and been doing it for years". Now back home she's tried to recapture that moment but doesn't know any dealers so tried legal highs as they're so easy to get hold of. Somehow though, it doesn't seem the same now, and a few bad trips have left her paranoid and anxious. Her freinds say she's let herself go and moody all the time and Mummy and Daddy are wondering where their little girl has gone, but hope it's just a phase she's going through.


'Legal highs' have hardly been tested - the scientific experts and doctors can't predict the effects or harms. You would be taking a big gamble. You can't tell what's in a 'legal high' just by looking it. And it's really not possible to know what is a safe dose.

For further information about legal highs, new Psychoactive substances and club drugs go to and

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