Introducing Ivor Spliff

Say "what's up" to Ivor Spliff, 20 years old, originally from Birmingham, but now living in a squat in Headington. Ivor was a bright lad and did well at school. He was the first member of his family to go to University and exceeded expectations and got a place at Oxford. However over that last summer at home, Ivor fell in with a local gang and started smoking weed. When at Oxford he discovered synthetic cannabis legal highs and before long was missing lectures and sleeping through the day. Falling behind, he lost interest in his studies and left college before they chucked him out. His world now consists of playing video games and 'getting out of it', he doesn't like to go out because people look at him funny, he only leaves the squat to sign on ...when he remembers.


'Legal highs' have hardly been tested - the scientific experts and doctors can't predict the effects or harms. You would be taking a big gamble. You can't tell what's in a 'legal high' just by looking it. And it's really not possible to know what is a safe dose.

For further information about legal highs, new Psychoactive substances and club drugs go to and

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