Introducing Buzz Shitegear

Say hello to Buzz Shitegear, a 22 year old call centre worker, from Cowley. Originally from the Wirral but moved south cos the bizzies were all over him after his caution, but as he says "it was only a bag of wizz, yeah, nothing serious". He's turned things around now, got a job, a flat and a girlfriend, but at the weekends he still loves buzzing out. He can't risk another arrest, so does legal highs, but they're legal right, so whats the problem? But Monday morning he's still feeling jittery and why's that bloke at the bus stop looking at him like that. He finds it hard to concentrate at work cos of the sleepless nights, he's already had a verbal warning, and he can't afford to lose his job, not with a kid on the way.


'Legal highs' have hardly been tested - the scientific experts and doctors can't predict the effects or harms. You would be taking a big gamble. You can't tell what's in a 'legal high' just by looking it. And it's really not possible to know what is a safe dose.

For further information about legal highs, new Psychoactive substances and club drugs go to and

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